Raförninn has a wide experience designing software for radiology departments, research labs and various monitoring systems.

Image analysis systems
Raförninn uses machine learning and computer vision in the development of Image analysis systems. Machine learning and computer vision have been a technical breakthrough in the development of automatic analysis of phantom images in medical imaging.

QA logging and management systems
Raförninn has a long history in developing QA systems for medical imaging. Early on we started to focus on hosting our systems in the cloud and using a web based interface for the users. Raförninn also offers consultancy services regarding QA in medical imaging and assists its customers in building QA procedures. Through that service we started developing software solutions to handle and organize the Quality assurance so our approach to QA software has always been from the user´s standpoint but not the programmer´s.

Image Processing
Image processing deals with automatic extraction of information from images. The information may include volume of a given body part or organ, shape, diagnosis score and all types of measurements of body function, such as blood flow bone density and more.
Raförninn is specialized in tailor designing image analysis software for a specific condition and/or specific type of images.

Laboratory information management systems
Raforninn has developed information management systems for biological samples. The core of such systems is the tracking of samples between storage spaces. For each sample the system will track the movements between storage spaces, changes in volume and concentration. Being able to interface to other systems is very important for such systems and for that reason Raforninn has interfaced with various devices, including barcode readers, sample weighing machines, robotic storage systems and various other devices that operate on the samples.
In addition Raforninn has developed systems used to collect samples using laptops that export the collection information to a central repository when they have a network connection.

Database driven web applications
For more than a decade Raforninn has emphasized the development of it’s software systems using web based technologies. In particular Raforninn has developed database driven web applications with example applications including work request systems, quality control systems, image processing systems and information management systems for biological samples.

Encryption systems
Raforninn has considerable experience in the development of encryption systems used to protect important information. These systems range in complexity, from very simple systems to multi layer encryption systems where different entities control the encryption keys for each layer.