Raförninn has extensive experience in the design, installation and operation of specialized and general IT systems. Raförninn has been involved in the design, installation and operation of the IT infrastructure in various healthcare departments and companies in Iceland, which has created extensive knowledge in the area of data security within the team.

Typical projects in this field contain

  • Installation and operation of virtual servers
  • Installation and operation of secure app and web gateway servers
  • Design, installation and operation of closed machine-networks
  • Design, installation and operation of wireless networks.

Support and service for medical imaging departments’ IT systems, i.e. Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), has has always played a important role in Raförninn´s operation. We specialize in adapting and modifying the systems to the customer’s requirements, integration to other IT systems of the hospital and ensuring the security of personal information.

Raförninn has extensive experience in setting up remote connections for radiologists and other healthcare staff, specially adapted for each application.