Raförninn offers comprehensive maintenance service for various technical  equipment. This includes both preventive maintenance and incidental maintenance. The company’s standardized quality procedures, which are based on decades of experience within healthcare, aim at minimizing the customer’s risks and ensuring equipment uptime. The company has been ISO-9001 certified since March 2019.

Raförninn offers various levels of service, tailor-made to the customers needs. Typically the service is charged by means of a fixed monthly fee. In general, the service agreements require 98% uptime, which is reflected in a reduction in the monthly fee if the uptime goal is not met. Raförninn’s customers get access to a web-based service system which serves as a simple gateway to report equipment failures and to monitor progress of maintenance.

Raförninn offers all types of installations of new equipment. This can for example include room design and preparations, risk assessment, project management, taking down older equipment and connecting new equipment to IT systems, in addition to acceptance testing.