Raförninn was founded in 1984 and has from the beginning aimed at providing excellent technical field service and consultancy. Our key customers have been in the healthcare sector, both state and independent. Raförninn has played a leading role in design and installation of the majority of medical imaging departments in Iceland.

Quality assurance and quality control have been the focus of the company from the beginning and all consultancy and service is aimed at increasing quality in our customer´s operation and to maximize safety. The company has developed quality procedures, with the goal of minimizing risk and ensuring quality and follow-up of customer service requests. The company has been ISO-9001 certified since March 2019.

Raförninn was acquired by Verkís, one of the largest civil engineering firms in Iceland, in 2010. Other close collaboration partners include Raförninn’s sister company, Image Owl and also The Phantom Laboratory.