Aðalsteinn Atli Guðmundsson

Student Electronics Engineer

Phone: +354 848 0114

Mr. Adalsteinn A. Gudmundsson graduated with a degree in electronics engineering from The Reykjavík Technical College at the end of 2017, chose to compleate the following mandatory, vocational training at Raforninn and then continues to work for the company.
Mr. Gudmundsson takes part in all aspects of Raforninn´s technical service, including repair work, maintainance and quality assurance.


Ásbjörn H. Kristbjörnsson

Master of Engineering

Phone: +354 696 0931

Mr. Asbjorn H. Kristbjornsson has been working for Raforninn since may 2006. He graduated from The Reykjavík Technical College in 2002 and majored in both technology and computer science. Mr. Kristbjornsson earned his B.Sc. degree in software engeneering from The University of Iceland in 2006 and received his MSc.Eng degree in software engineering from the same University in 2011. His master thesis was on the use of a physics engine for real time haptic interactions with fluids. Mr. Kristbjornsson has vast experience in software solutions and among his responsibilities at Raforninn are maintainance and development of various software and diverse consulting work.


Bryndís Eysteinsdóttir

Service Manager

Phone: +354 699 4713

Ms. Bryndis Eysteinsdottir is a radiologic technologist, with a BSc degree from The Technical University of Iceland. Besides working as a radiologic technologist she has managed bookkeeping for several companies since 1990.
Ms. Eysteinsdottir started working for Raforninn in may 2008 and is now the company´s service manager and represents the customers. She participates in bookkeeping and has also worked on consulting projects.


Daníel Sigurðsson

Electronics Engineer

Phone: +354 774 8332

Mr. Daniel Sigurdsson started working for Raforninn in spring 2014, right after graduating with a degree in electronics engineering from The Reykjavík Technical College.
Mr. Sigurdsson´s main responsibilities are related to quality assurance and measurements, for X-ray, ultrasound and CT equipment but he also participates in maintainance and repair work. In september 2015 Mr. Sigurdsson finished his studies of IT management at the NTV School of Computing and Business, in Reykjavik, and is now participating in more IT work.


Edda G. Aradóttir

QA Manager

Phone: +354 860 3748

Mrs. Edda G. Aradottir is a radiologic technologist, with a BSc degree from The Technical University of Iceland. Her field is Quality Management, both inside Raforninn and in various projects for customers. She also edits the company´s website.
Mrs. Aradottir has broad experience as a radiologic techologist and has attended numerous courses and conferences on Quality Management.
She started as a part time employee in May 2002 but has been working full time at Raforninn since October 2008.


Eiríkur K. Þorbjörnsson

Assistant chief executive

Phone: +354 863 2800

Mr. Eirikur K. Thorbjornsson started working for Raforninn in november 2010. He has a degree in electrical engineering from Odense Teknikum in Denmark and a Masters degree in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester in England.
Mr. Thorbjornsson has worked in programming and software development, both in Denmark and Iceland, and has founded several companies in computing and technology. In the years 1987 – 1995 he was the managing director of the Federation of Icelandic Electric-works and managing director of Neydarlinan, the Icelandic emergency dispatching center (1-1-2), in 1995 – 2000. From 2000 to 2005 he operated the electric engineering company ICESEC and then joined engineering consultants Rafteikning which merged into Verkis Ltd.
Mr. Thorbjornsson now heads the Electrical Systems Department at Verkis, along with his work as assistant managing director at Raforninn.


Magnús Guðjónsson

Certified Electrical Technician

Phone: +354 824 5723

Mr. Magnus Gudjonsson started working for Raforninn in March 2016. He is a Master Electronincs Engineer, from The Reykjavík Technical College, and has a Higher National Diploma from Reykjavik University.
Mr. Gudjonsson has a long and diverse experience in services and quality control of medical imaging equipment and has completed a great number of service courses. He has specialized knowledge of CT and MRI but participates in all aspects of technical service, instalment of equipment and quality assurance.


Sigurður Haukur Bjarnason

Chief Excecutive Officer

Phone: +354 698 8118

Mr. Sigurdur Haukur Bjarnason started working for Raforninn in february 2016. He earned his degree as a Master electrician from The Icelandic Technical College in Reykjavik and is currently studying for Diploma in Electrical Technology at Reykjavik University.
Mr. Bjarnason has diverse knowledge of computers and other electrical equipment and specializes in general x-ray equipment and computerized tomography.
Besides his work as the company´s managing director Mr. Bjarnason is also involved in maintainance, repair work and installation projects.


Sigurður Rúnar Ívarsson

Master Electronics Engineer

Phone: +354 892 9662

Mr. Sigurdur Runar Ivarsson has been working for Raforninn since 1993. Mr. Ivarsson holds numerous degrees and licences. He earned his degrees of Electrical Contractor Master Electronics Technician at The Icelandic Technical College in Reykjavik. Mr. Ivarsson has more than 25 years of experience in imaging equipment technical services and has completed a great number of service courses in his main areas of responsiblity, which are general x-ray, computerised tomograpy and angiograpy/intervention equipment.m.


Smári Kristinsson


Phone: +354 892 4125

Mr. Smari Kristinsson earned his degree in engineering at Aarhus Technical University. He is one of the founders of Raforninn and has dedicated his skills to the company from its start in 1984. Smari is a change management consultant to the medical imaging community, advising on improving existing processes or creating new ones. This includes procurement consulting for all sizes of contracts.
Mr. Kristinsson is also involved in Quality Assurance research and development as well as creating service management strategies. Smari has participated in a number of international projects. One of them a IAEA publication on digital radiology implementation.


Viktor Sighvatsson


Phone: +354 895 7721

Dr. Viktor Sighvatsson, Radiologist MD, has done consulting work for Raforninn from the year 2007. He has extensive experience in consulting and management from Medical Imaging Departments in Iceland and Sweden.
Dr Sighvatsson´s main responsibilities have been change management consulting to support Medical Imaging services through transition periods, workflow assessment and consultation on service quality and safety.


Þorsteinn R. Jóhannesson

Electronics Engineer

Phone: +354 896 5435

Mr. Thorsteinn R. Johannesson has been working for Raforninn since 1993. He earned his engineering degree at The Reykjavík Technical College. Mr Johannesson has a long and diverse IT experience and has completed a great number of service courses in his main areas of responsibility. These include: MR systems US equipment, RIS and PACS as well as concept design consulting.